The program

Having the opportunity to work with youngsters will complete your theoretical knowledge with hands-on experiences. You will also have the opportunity to live in a community together with people from 10 other countries from all Continents around the world so you will get to know not only the Danish culture. Through out an year you will have plenty of chances to use a large variety of pedagogical tools that will youngsters out of their comfort zone and develop awareness about our Global issues.


At Hellebaek Carehome we make use of individual learning methods. We emphasize that teaching must be alive, demanding and in close contact with the reality that it reflects. We have many years of experience in getting youngsters' diverse resources into play and we have a tradition of building a good and safe learning and development environment where youngsters' diversity is a strength. It is important to us that the young adults achieve the highest possible professional skills and it is equally important that they learn to use their professionalism and become proficient in their work and produce, thus getting power, energy and courage to overcome the obstacles that the world offers. We emphasize that the youngsters are at home in the communities that they will be included in, that they can assert themselves and make their mark wherever their life's journey will take them. It is essential for us that students get visibility and oriented towards the whole world, they are part of, and that is why we strive to create an international, multicultural environment.


We are very aware that we cannot function as individual islands so our community is one of the main tools in taking care that the children and young adults will have the necessary skills, confidence and energy to tackle any problems that they meet wherever they decide to live later on. We are trying to train young people to work in a community and assert themselves with others so when joining the program, you will be an integrate part of their education and development just by being here.
Also, having to live, work and take decisions together with people coming from 10 other countries from all Continents around the world, will definitely develop your cultural sensitivity and give you the right tools in dealing with an ever more diverse and multicultural world.


Because of the importance that your simple presence plays will play in our life, we will offer Personal Development Courses together with a trained and certified supervisor so that you can grow both professional and personal.
In our experience, this will have a beneficial effect on everybody as you being the best that you can be will function as an example for those around you.